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Signs of the Times

Fall is the time when we think settling down and turn to home. 

Our "Signs of the Times" luncheon did just that as Allyson Wadkins of

The Tiny Crafter shared her beautiful signs to decorate every room of

your home.  Music Guest Christina Rice also sang beautifully and

Speaker Sherry Mehl told how to smooth out life's rough roads.


Special Feature Allyson Wadkins of The Tiny Crafter is a talented

local crafter with the gift of perfection.  As a recent empty nester,

Allyson uses her hobby to provide funds for her college son.

  She meticulously creates signs for any occasion, including custom designs

   and seasonal items. Her fine work truly must be seen to be appreciated.

Be sure to find her on Etsy, Instagram, at craft fairs, and in local boutiques.


Music Guest Christina Rice took us back to the ageless lyrics of

Louis Armstrong with "What A Wonderful World".  Later,

Christina performed another song that she wrote called "I Am Alive",

telling of the Lord that fills her up, Who is more than enough,

Who sets her free, lifts her up and gives her everything she needs.


Speaker Sherry Mehl was used to being in control and was driven to

fame and power.  Although once doted on as an only child, she left home

at 16, hitch-hiked across the US and Mexico, learned survival skills, and she

 met and married her husband.   Sherry's "do it my way" took control and after

  farming with her husband for 13 years, she left her husband. Success and fame

led her to run for public office, but she only found that the people controlled

her, and that her life was a fish bowl.  Sherry had no peace, she became a

recluse and did not trust anyone.  Success and fame brought her no satisfaction.

When her estranged father called to reconcile with her, she found that he

only had 3 weeks to live.  A 7.0 earthquake destroyed her home, her job and

    friends were gone as she lost her re-election, and, she narrowly escaped death

 in a car crash. At this time, Sherry's local Christian Women's Connection

 invited her to a luncheon where she learned that sin was going her own way,

  and of controlling her own life, and there she heard the gospel of Jesus.

Sherry gave her life to Jesus and her life changed. As she left the controls in

 God's hands, her attitude changed, including the end of bitterness and anger. 

She got a new job and realized that God had restored all that was destroyed.

Sherry says His ways are not ours.  His promises are real, He never leaves,

He is always there.  We are never out of His reach, He is all she ever needed. 

He gave her work to do-- to spread hope.  He walks along side us, He cares,

He loves us, He performs miracles.  Our hurt, worry, and grief bring us close

so that we can give thanks in all circumstances.  Our walk with God is love

 and joy, there is nothing too small for Him.  He wants to be there for you.

There is never a better time!