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 In Stitches

As fall signs are rapidly approaching, at our "In Stitches" luncheon,

we were enthused to consider sewing projects and the beauty of handmade quilts.

Special Feature Vivian Riley discussed the fun of her new business Sew-In-Piece

Music Guest Christina Rice once again was an inspiration, and

Speaker Karen Penfold shared a dynamic story of victorious overcoming.


Retired from the field of education and a self-taught seamstress from the age of 8,

Vivian Riley has always had a lifetime dream to teach sewing and to provide a

 friendly environment for those who sew, or desire to learn.  Her new business

Sew-In-Piece does all that -- a gathering place where women can come to

sew in peace, make new friends and gain confidence. 

Vivian also offers easy classes for those who want to learn to sew, complete with 

everything you need to get you started. Truly something for everyone! 


 Singer Christina Rice is a mother of 3 and a very special, gifted musician!

She inspired us by singing "You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings".

Her second song soothed our hearts with the song "Rejoice", reminding us

of His sweet sweet sound in your ear.


Although having happy memories in church, Speaker Karen Penfold described

having a nagging lonliness and desire for peace in her heart.  Her father's

battle with depression also affected Karen with an emptiness in her soul,

causing her to cry for help.  A friend invited her to a Bible study where she

learned that she can't do it by herself, on her own strength and

she learned who God was.  He is Strength to face life, and that she could

accept God's promises as they applied to her: she was saved by grace,

His gift is forgiveness and peace, and, to receive it. 

Unknowingly, these truths prepared her for the future ahead, during her

 pain, struggle,  trial, and great battle.  In 2009 Karen was diagnosed with

breast cancer.  She knows that she survived by faith in God, and that He is always

with her.  He is her hope, comfort, strength, and hope to share with others.

Karen celebrated her life and overcoming victory by climbing Half Dome in Yosemite

with 22 others, giving God the glory: "cancer sucks but God still rocks".

When rediagnosed with cancer a year later, and also being involved in a car accident,

Karen had peace.  She knew that God was still on the throne, He will never leave,

nor forsake her;  He knows the future, and He works all things together for His good.

Now healed, Karen's goal is to share her victory of hope and peace,

encouraging others to take His yoke upon you, His burden is light,

to accept His free gift, and to take His grace upon you.