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Natural Beauty  

Our September luncheon was extra special, as we are now being treated

to delicious food and great service at our new location at the Plaza Room!

Natural Beauty was the theme as Kathleen Watson-Pizano, our Special Feature 

described the process and benefits of natural oils in skin care.  Then

speaker/singer Mary Jane Battista uplifted us with music, and with hope for rejection.



Special Feature Kathleen Watson-Pizano of Naturally Beautiful is a beautiful wife, mother, 

part-time worker, volunteer, and a developer of skin care products.  Her love of skin care

began at an early age, where she went on to study the spa industry and holistic health. 

Her passion for healthy skin care led her to realize that natural skin care products also needed

 to be affordable, so she developed her own line of products to meet both those needs.

Kathleen has developed a full line of facial products, lotions, bath teas, and lip balm, 

  all with natural scents, created in her home, and, her products are FDA compliant!



Mary Jane Battista warmly began the program by singing "You've Got a Friend"/ 

"What a Friend We Have In Jesus".  Later, she sweetly sang "There is a Redeemer",

reminding us to thank the Father for giving us His Son, the Lamb, Messiah, and Holy One.

Anyone who has ever identified with Charlie Brown will love our speaker 

 Mary Jane Battista.  Like Charlie Brown, Mary Jane always longed to hear "we like you".

Growing up she felt lonely, unwanted, asking the question "do you love me?"

At age 16, Mary Jane ran away from home, and on her own, flew to Kansas 

to live with her married older sister.  Her distraught mother turned to God.  

When Mary Jane later returned home, they attended a Bible Study where

 she heard the truth that "God loves me".  Mary Jane's heart was changed, she 

became full of peace, and she had a zeal for Jesus.  Soon after High School, Mary Jane 

met and married a young man, and for 35 years, moved 23 times as a Navy wife.  

Later, the Lord helped her to pass a placement test to become a pediatric nurse,

 enabling her to serve as a missionary in Mexico and the Guatemala area. 

Now Mary Jane is depending on the Lord, Who is with her wherever she goes.

 She knows that even if man forsakes you, the Lord will not.  She also learned to forgive 

others and not to carry a grudge. For those rejected, lonely, afraid,

 God's Word says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life". 

 Jesus loves you even when no one else does!