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It seems like we have already begun our fall celebration as we enjoyed

the September luncheon called "Pomegranate Deliciousness." We sampled

rosy Angel Red pomegranate products from Pam Clifton, a feast to our taste,

sweet violin music from Lori Patterson, a feast to our ears, and the

touching story from our speaker Helen Pauchaud which was a feast to our hearts.


Did you know that pomegranates can get sun burned?

Pam Clifton, owner of Poms Away Orchards and a Yuba Sutter resident, 

told us all kinds of wonderful facts about pomegranate growing, picking,

and processing.  She also generously offered everyone to sample a variety of

pomegranate jams, jellies, and syrups - all organically grown and so delicious!


Close your eyes and imagine you are in a Jane Austin novel, attending a ball, 

complete with an elegant gown and all the finery. That's what it was like as

extremely gifted violinist Lori Patterson, transported us with her musical

presentation called "The Emperor's Waltz".  Later Lori quieted our spirits

as she played "Jesus I Love Thee".  It was truly lovely!


Our speaker, Helen Pachaud described the peace and beauty of living in

remote areas of the Sierra Mountains, although inside, she was lacking inner peace.

She had a fear of death which was compounded when her first born son died 

at only 24 hours old.  Her insecurity, fear, and helplessness brought God to the forefront. 

 Upon attending a Bible study, she saw women handling troubles with peace and acceptance. 

 After a new TV station came to her area, Helen heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 Jesus became her closest friend to share her fears and anger with and,

 from whom she received peace, comfort and security.  Later in a church, she learned

that Jesus cares about our desires, hopes, dreams.  Helen now explains that

 peace and freedom come from Jesus as He takes the control of your life, 

and that He will never leave or forsake you.  He is your forever friend.