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Deliciously Crunchy

It truly felt like fall at our "Deliciously Crunchy" luncheon.  We savored

samples of yummy granola by Athena Bravos of Simply Granola and 

Special Music by Nola Grace.  Speaker Mary Jane Battista then shared

her timely story of "A Pearl in the Making".


Guest Musician Nola Grace, accompanied by her friend Lois, was truly

lighthearted and lovely as she began her presentation by singing

 "You Are My Sunshine" with the audience happily joining in.  Later

Nola beautifully sang a capella "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You",

  a prayer to God, which says in part- there is no one else above You, You ease my

  troubles, make things better, fill my heart with gladness, and take away my sadness.


Although graduating in travel management, event planning, and corporate

media, Special Feature Athena Bravos' direction changed as her family grew. 

Beginning with her mom's recipe, Athena began making granola, got a

business license, and is now promoted in 10 stores, restaurants, farmers

markets, and schools.  She has expanded her products to 9 recipes for

granola, cobblers, bread, pancakes, and even meat coatings.  Athena also

believes it is very important to give back to the community.  And 

   since there is nothing like tasting for yourself, we all enjoyed delicious

samples of her new line of granola bars, made with wholesome 

natural ingredients, amazing flavor and deliclious crunch.  Yum!


Reminding us that pearls were made by creatures in which over time, irritations

become beautiful, Speaker Mary Jane Battista explains that what doesn't kill you

makes you stronger, and to grow from your experiences.  Although born in a

picture perfect family, Mary Jane did not know that she was loved and was angry.

A non-committed boyfriend and seasonal jobs added to her lonliness.

  However when her mom became nicer by attending a Bible study, Mary Jane

found that love and kindness drew her to join her.  Here she learned that Jesus

loved her, she heard the gospel, read the Bible, learned about sin and forgiveness, 

and of a new creation, assurance, and peace.   Mary Jane prayed for a husband and

got a Navy man where she moved 24 times, and learned to be flexible and thankful. 

Later a trip to Haiti changed her life as she was touched by the extreme poverty

and need for help.  Returning again as a pediatric nurse, Mary Jane had life changing

lessons in dealing with people, dignity, attitudes of her heart, and in forgiveness

as Christ forgives.  She also reminded us not to hold on to bitterness and anger, 

but to let it go, accept each other, and with God's help, walk in forgiveness.

Mary Jane says that waiting is worth it.  Jesus is coming back, and is looking for

those who belong to Him-- for your face if you believe in Him,

and is sending angels to gather His elect.