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 “Coffee Break”  


The October "Coffee Break" luncheon was truly a time of great friends, amazing food,

 and encouragement to overcome trials through faith, and hope to victory!

 Doni Jo Heinberger, gifted Guest Musician, beautifully offered heart warming, 

 victorious music presentations.  And Special Feature/Speaker Marge McClanahan 

shared the process of raising coffee, and spoke of encouragement for life's trials.


Talented Music Soloist Doni Jo Heinberger began her inspiring music presentation with

 "I Believe".  Doni Jo also confided that in 2013, having just received word of 

breast cancer 5 days before, sang "Give Me Jesus" in the face of uncertainty.   

Then in 2014, during the big, dark middle of her cancer journey she sang the song 

 as a statement of faith.  And now in 2015, Doni Jo sang "Give Me Jesus"

  as a song of victory and praise to God!


Having been in the coffee business, Marge McClanahan explained the legends

and history of coffee.  She also described the process of growing, harvesting,

roasting, cupping and correct storage of coffee, and encouraged us to have 

a new appreciation for the  beverage that we enjoy so much!

As Speaker, Marge McClanahan tells of her journey to overcome completely,

with hope and power. While living peacefully on a farm in South Dakota,

 Marge was taught about Jesus, and that He conquered death. At age 10, 

  she gave her all to Him, and learned to trust God in the Bible, and use it as her guide. 

At age 12, her father was killed in a farm accident, however, she saw her mother

had strength to overcome.  Later, Marge married and had 3 children.  Although the

marriage was troubled, God taught her to forgive, let go, and give Him the controls. 

Even though there was a divorce after 14 years, there was no bitterness or anger, 

only love and grace. After her children were raised, Marge traveled as a missionary 

to China for 2 years, then returned to the US to work at Yosemite, 

and 8 years ago, married a man who completely loves and serves the Lord.

  Marge explains that there are times of ebb and flow in our lives.  

Jesus lifts us up above the raging waters, far above the things in life.  

Come to Jesus, let Him lift you up.  He's the God of new beginnings!