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“Icing on the Cake”

Fall was delightfully celebrated at our Icing on the Cake luncheon!

We enjoyed pumpkin decorations, and sampled mini pumpkin bars baked by

Special Feature Sandi Cook of Cakes by Request.  Music Guest Carol Keesling

entertained, and Speaker Danita Schwemer revealed some of life's truths.


Music Guest Carol Keesling and accompanist Jean Hemphill started off  by performing

  a fun version of "My Favorite Things", adapting it to mention some of the bakery

  items that the Special Feature deliciously bakes.  Later, Carol sang an old hymn

  called "Beautiful Savior", reminding us that Jesus shines brighter and purer

than all the angels.



Cakes by Request owners Sandi Cook and Perri Ortiz described their family

business history, and officially announced their grand opening in Yuba City.  

While Perri demonstrated how to decorate a cake, Sandi opened the program

 with Q&A from the audience, telling the history of some of their recipes,

and of personal experiences, such as the story of their biggest cake. 

And as a finale to their fun presentation, they also generously donated the

 newly decorated cake, as well as gift certificates, and the mini pumpkin bars

dessert for all the audience. Yum!


Danita Schwemer, our Speaker, began her talk by describing her family

adventure, hiking up Half Dome. She has learned that life is like a hike, with

 ups and downs, and from being fresh to exhausted.  Danita briefly described her life

as married at 22, a mom, divorced , life as a single mom, her new husband, and

a blended marriage.  Then, when things in life got the hardest, the doorbell rang,

and friends invited them to church service, Bible study, and fellowship.

There she heard and read the Truth and believed the gospel.  Danita soon 

learned to get close to God, and to cast all her care upon Him.  She gave

Him the controls and when the time came for the birth of another

baby, she now had peace.  She knows that God is always there to lean on,

God is always with us through problems, and that God loves her!

She explains, life is like a hike, we don't know what is around the bend, but

God is our counselor, our guide, and a lamp to our feet to lighten the path,

and a light to bring all of us back together!