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“Wild Blue Yonder”


After enjoying a fabulous tri tip dinner at the Harvest Room,

our Guest Night was kicked off with patriotic marching music

by Larry and Jean Hemphill.

The evening was then completed by Brian Shul, our speaker

who captivated us as he shared aeronautical adventures

in the world's fastest aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird, and

by narrating his award winning photography,

interweaving it with his motivational story of triumph over tragedy.




We were treated by Larry and Jean Hemphill as our special music guests.
They livened things up in a very fun way by playing as a duo, the always
high-stepping music "Stars and Stripes Forever", 4 hands 1 piano.
Then later in the program to inspire us, Larry Hemphill
beautifully presented a solo from Beethoven.



Not just your ordinary pilot, our speaker Brian Shul explained how
he was shot down in the Viet Nam war and spent 1 year in the burn ward,
enduring 15 surgeries.  Near death, he tells how he was inspired to become
an overcomer.  Because of his new passion for life, and in spite all odds
and injuries, Brian returned to the Air Force as a pilot of the A7, A10,
as an instructor of Top Gun, and eventually, as a rare SR-71 pilot
until the planes were retired.  He also went on to fly with the Blue Angles
and Thunderbirds as a photographic journalist.  He  is also a
Spirit of Freedom award winner. Brian is now fulfilling his latest passion as a
nature photographer, as well as traveling as a motivational speaker to encourage
and uplift audiences to follow their dreams and live their passions.