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“Have a Rice Day!”

Our "Have a Rice Day" luncheon was about as nice as it could be-

great weather, great food, and great company!  We enjoyed Special Music by

talented soloist Cherese James, and Chris Davis of Far West Rice was both

 an expert on everything you want to know about rice, and our Guest Speaker.


 Chris Davis, with 28 years experience, is General Manager of Far West Rice

 in Nelson, CA which exports internationally to over 7 countries.

  He gave wonderful information about rice, everything from where it is grown,

  quantities, various types and even the best way to cook it.  Chris also

generously provided samples for each guest to enjoy at home.  Thank you!


 Cherese James is a very talented musician who inspired us by reminding us

that Jesus is the Story of my life, and that the Lover of my soul is You!

Her second song tells of Jesus as Faithful God, all that I am and will ever

need, a Love that never leaves, Redeeming Love that will never let me go!



Guest Speaker Chris Davis described his life growing up being put down,

and believing that he had to measure up to his middle brother to please his dad.

He was taught to work hard, and that is all you need to achieve, and to rely

on yourself for everything.  He thought that men worked to make money and

that wives took care of the family, so he worked 12 to 14 hours a day-- until he

lost his job suddenly.  After 9 months he realized that he was not in control

and that it was not up to him any more.  Seeking prayers from devoted ladies,

he was led to a Christian mens BMF meeting. where he learned about

being a sinner and he received Jesus as Savior.  After the men prayed for him,

 Chris got job offers within 2 weeks.  Chris says salvation is a gift

 but you must receive it.  Christ will be with you at all times, for a job,

 or in sickness, and be your best Friend.  Rely on God who shapes your life.

  When God is in your life and in control, and when you put Him first in all things,

 they become an opportunity instead.