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“Autumn Splendor”

Our November luncheon Autumn Splendor truly lived up to it's name! 

We were treated to sweet violin music by Guest Musician Lori Patterson, and learned

 how to make a fall wreath by Special Feature Diane Osborne of Hillcrest Flowers

Topping it off, Speaker Nancy Reader shared her story of overcoming 

dyslexia, divorce, and abortion and of being filled with forgiveness and self-worth.


Special Music was performed by talented violinist  Lori Patterson.

Her first number was "Canon in D Bach Elbel".  Later, Lori played a sweet

old hymn called "Day by Day", the lyrics telling of God's mercy, strength,

 and willingness to take our cares, till we reach the promise land.



Special Feature Diane Osborne is the owner of Hillcrest Flowers.

She beautifully demonstrated how to design a fall wreath to beautify

our home using simple supplies including a plain grape vine wreath,

hot glue, fall garland, sunflowers, and topped off it with a rafia bow.

Then Diane generously donated the wreath, as well as a table decoration,

as hostess gifts. Thank you!!!


Due to a medical condition, Speaker Nancy Reader experienced a hearing loss

at age 7.  Although it was later 90% restored, she also had to overcome the shame,

 pain, and depression from what we now know as dyslexia, where letters and words

become jumbled.  Nancy thought she was stupid and at 16 contemplated suicide,

when she was suddenly cured! She went on to graduate High School, got an

A.A. degree, and a real estate brokers license.  Nancy married, had 2 children,

and traveled with her husband extensively but upon her return to the U.S.,

divorced.  The philosophy of the times was self-fulfillment and do-your-own-thing,

and when Nancy became pregnant, she stuffed the pain, shame, and depression

once again and got an abortion.  Even when she remarried, Nancy was

desperate and depressed until a friend invited her to a Christian Women's

Club event where Nancy learned that Jesus is God, who performs miracles, 

 that she was created in His image, and to know Him. She also attended a Bible study,

her marriage was healed, and she became a brand new person in Christ. 

 Nancy has learned that her disabilities are not a mistake, that God takes our

 disabilities and works all things together for good.  With God all things are possible,

    and we can do all things through Christ, and that the Truth will make you free.

 Nancy says there is no need to hide anymore, no mistakes, and no more guilt.

We are forgiven because God remembers our sins no more.

 He is our greatest blessing!