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  Autumn Harvest

 During the November luncheon, Autumn Harvest, we enjoyed a great celebration of fall.

Lori Kalau shared her famous local candied walnuts, we enjoyed music by

 Beckie Kersting, and speaker Diana McFarling told of her love story,

in spite of her limitations.


Guest soloist Beckie Kersting pepped us up by singing "My Favorite Things".

Her second song "Thy Word" softly reminded us that the Word is a lamp unto

 my feet, a light unto my path, a guide to hold me, and a love that will never end.


Known as the Nut Lady, Lori Kalau spoke of growing walnuts from her local farm. 

She described the process it took to market the nuts, including labeling and packaging,

and she talked of many health benefits of walnuts such as diabetes and weight control.

  Lori also offered us all a sample of her cinnamon walnuts - yum!


Speaker Diana McFarling began her love story by telling about being a dreamy

child, which included travel, marriage, and children.  She met her husband in college,

traveled with him in the Navy, and had 2 children, all according to her dream.

However there was a major complication -  she was physically experiencing

 tingling and blindness which was later diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis.

Diana attended a Bible study where she heard the gospel of Jesus and came

to know of His love, and of His forgiveness for her sins.  She learned that He

wanted to know her as a personal friend and that Christ is the center of her life,

not a feeling.  After 11 years remission the MS came back, leading to canes,

 crutches, and eventually a wheel chair. Diana encourages others to reach out

to Jesus and to rely on His strength. We can do all things through Him.  

He is with us always. Feeling doesn't matter. Depend on Him.