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   "In Full Bloom"

 The May "In Full Bloom" luncheon was a great celebration of Spring! 
We thoroughly enjoyed Bonnie Doolittle of Perozzi's Iris Farm,
music guest Tracy Leighton,
and Robby Kautz as our speaker.

Bonnie Doolittle explained that her mother started Perozzi Iris Farm just for
her personal enjoyment.  When people would stop by to admire her garden
and even to purchase flowers, she was truly surprised.
Bonnie, who also has a passion for iris, came to help her mother out. 
Today, the farm has expanded to 2000 varieties of bearded iris,
 in a multitude of colors, blooming even into late June.
Iris are easy to grow, and very hardy.
To complete her talk, Bonnie wowed guests by donating a number of
plants as gifts.  Gorgeous!

Our talented Guest Musician Tracy Leighton kept with the Spring theme
as she sang "Luxemberg Gardens".  Later in the program, Tracy offered the song
 "Shepard Me O God", reminding us of His wonderful presence that is beyond
  our wants and fears, from death to life, and that in nothing shall I want
  of His faithfulness and peace, all the days of my life.

Speaker Robby Kautz spoke to us about growing up in an atmosphere
with an abusive parent.  She described her feelings of trying to be invisible,
of her efforts to push down her emotions, and of her need to be perfect.
Although she did move on in life, in college, marriage, and with children,
 the huge 'boulder" of needing to be safe never left her. 
It was then that a Christian counselor helped her to see her life as
  that of experiencing PTSD. Since then, Robby has experienced the truth
that Jesus binds up the broken hearted. The boulder has been removed,
and there is no need to be afraid anymore!  Jesus brings healing and
wholeness, and never He leaves.  He is even showing her to help others!