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“In the Bag!” 


Our May luncheon was a perfect day for ladies-- shopping!  And even better,

 Special Feature Cicily Owens of D Street Boutique brought the items to us.

To compliment our ladies day, we were treated to the talented violinist Lori Patterson,

 and our program found a "happy ending" by speaker Carla Cross.



Special Feature Cicily Owens brought a beautiful assortment of products

from her store D Street Boutique.  She displayed ginger snap jewerly, conceal

carry purses, waterfall scarves, hand made bees wax scented candles, tile 

coasters, compact mirrors, magnets, and many more accessories too

numerous to mention.  Be sure to check out her store!


As always, Guest Musician Lori Patterson presented us with top-notch violin

serenades.  Her first number by Mendelssohn was called "On Wings of Song".

Later, Lori played a beautiful Irish melody called "God of Ages".


Speaker Carla Cross, 1 of 6 children described herself as having surpressed

ambitions to be famous.  She became a majorette, homecomimg queen,

received 3 academic scholarships, and qualified for mensa, yet Carla still

had a quest for self worth.  When a friend told her that God loved her,

her college professor said that God was a myth, leading to confusion

as, Carla's opinion of herself depended on others. Her new boyfriend

turned out to be married, and finding herself pregnant, she put the baby

up for adoption.  Carla later married the father, but still had no self worth. 

After pregnant with a daughter, she divorced, became a single mom, and

 then met her present husband.  Today, Carla has a loving relationship with

 her "adopted" son and family, and is also a 20 year cancer survivor.  Upon

attending a luncheon, Carla heard the gospel, and attended a Bible study

where she learned who God is, and about a personal relationship with Him. 

She learned that self doubts are wrong, and that only the forgiveness of Jesus Christ

can erase guilt.  Jesus is alive and He wants what is good for us.  Carla says,

He loves me as I am and I don't have to prove myself.  Insecurities are no longer

in control.  Accept Christ.  God made you and He wants to embrace you!