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"Spring into Fitness”


During our May Spring into Fitness luncheon we savored great food and fun!

Our program included new health and fitness goals by special feature Traci Masters,

encouragement by music guest Christina Rice, and the imaginative descriptions of 

a happy place by our speaker Debra Harris.


Special Feature guest Traci Masters of Hourglass Pilates Studio introduced us

to the wonderful health benefits of pilates.  Traci explained that pilates is a low 

impact core strength program which can help with a variety of problems such as

low back pain, balance, posture, arthritis, migraines, sleep, and even allergies.

She shared that it was created by a man during WW1 to help bedridden patients

exercise and rehabilitate.  As Traci demonstrated pilates, she answered many

questions and we were all encouraged to achieve new health goals.


We greatly enjoyed the songs from our music guest Christina Rice.

Christina is a mother of 3, message therapist, song writer and worship leader

at her church.  Her lyrics powerfully remind us that we don't have to try, 

or to change, or to be concerned if people like us.  We can let go.  

He loves us as we are!


Our guest speaker Debra Harris is full of life, joy, and encouragement.  

She compares her life to that of a lighthouse, with tranquil and turbulent waters; 

a happy place of protection and peace, where she can treat herself and realign her problems.  

Although coming from a dysfunctional family, Debra went on to college,

 met her husband, and had two children.  It became a tranquil happy time for her 

until her 4 month son was diagnosed with a very serious cyst on his brain.

  Always having a hunger to know God, and now being encouraged by a nurse to pray,

 Debra and her husband went through a variety of God seeking experiences.  Finally,

 they met another couple who knew the Lord from their heart, not just in their head.  

Soon Debra was saved and even encountered Jesus Christ personally in a vision. 

Her son is now 24 and fully recovered.  Recently, more turbulent waters occurred in

Debra's life as she lost her husband to cancer.  However now she knows

the source of tranquil waters.  Because of her relationship with Jesus and good friends,

Debra has a full life and can laugh again.  She says there are no rules. 

The Lord has your back!