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“Signs of Spring”

March "Signs of Spring" luncheon was great fun! 

As we dined on corned beef and cabbage, we appreciated all the

  beautiful handcrafted signs by Brenda May of Brendalou and Hubby Too

Music soloist Diana Strong entertained us, and Lori Hartin our Speaker shared the

story of her fairytale life.


Brenda May of Brendalou and Hubby Too loves to create a variety of wimsical signs and

 banners, and especially those that display the Word of God such as "It is well with my soul"

and "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord".  Brenda also customizes unusual

 products such as large welcome signs, towel bars, and T shirts.  She is an amazing artist!


Guest Vocolist Diana Strong and her accompanist Jean Hemphill started off our

luncheon with the happy tune "Meet Me in St. Louis", and later inspired us by

singing "I Place My Trust", which says to find glory and power in the Cross,

my source of strength and hope is in Christ alone.


Speaker Lori Hartin loves to relate her life story by means of the fairytale

"Little Red Riding Hood".  Like many as a teen, Lori rebelled and went down the

wrong path which led to divorce, rejection from her church, and a lost baby.  These

 things led her to doubt of God's love, and she thougt that she might as well do bad.

However, Lori knew that she was at a dead end, that she needed a way out- 

that love was what was needed and missed, and she went back to church.  This time

Lori learned that God still cares. He worked in her heart to change her through the gospel. 

  Jesus Christ rescued her.  Lori realized that being good does not get us into heaven.  

Instead, she made the decision of a new path of forgiveness, of a not-punishing God, 

but of a forgiving God.  Lori says, God will never harm you.  He loves you.

 Jesus' sacrifice freed us, creating a way to return to God.  He wants to give us life.

  He never leaves or abandons us.  He will help us deal with problems, and He sustains

and inspires us in hard days.  Even our loss can be used for something good.