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Spring is in the Air!


Sunshine and fun were the order of the day at our "Spring is in the Air" luncheon. 

We were treated to a presentation by Cammie Cooper, from Placerville Candle Co.

 about her fine line of handmade candles, and Special Music was provided by talented

pianist Loretta Dowler.  Speaker Chauncy Swartz then told how she found true

happiness and success in an unexpected place. 


Special Feature Cammie Cooper of Placerville Candle Co. traveled

  all the way from Placerville, CA to share about her unique line of handmade candles.

Her candles are high quality, and healthier, because they are made with without

additives and are of natural soy wax, which burn cooler and longer. The fragrances

must be smelled to be appreciated.  They are unique beyond description, such as

lemon lavender, mango tango, black pepper rose, and the ever popular vanilla to

name a few.  Cammie does all the wicking, graphic design, web site, marketing,

and packaging along with the help of her daughters who supervise and help out.

She is also able to customize orders for special events, showers, and gift shops.

Thank you  for your generous gifts to us!  Be sure to check her out on line!


As well as lovely background music, our Special Music was provided by

 gifted pianist Loretta Dowler, who played "He Looked Beyond My Faults".




Speaker Chauncy Swartz is a vivacious singer and artist who grew up among

Hollywood stars. Her adventures carried her on to a variety of careers and to marriage.  

However she suffered several unrelated serious accidents which led to significant

health issues.  During this time, Chauncy also faced the loss of her mother, while

expecting her second son, as well as the death of a close friend, only 21years old.

And a year later, her father died only 10 days after being diagnosed with cancer.

Although mad at God and having hidden emptiness, Chauncy began seeking

answers in churches.  It was when visitors came to her home and shared the gospel,

that she and her two sons prayed. When a friend invited her to a Bible study, she

learned that true peace is knowing that God is in control. The teaching of Jesus helped

her to see beauty in her children, husband, and friends.  She has more compassion and

love.  She knows that God loves you the way you are, and wants to use us to make

others happy.  Although Chauncy has medical conditions from the accidents, she

has learned to keep her focus on God, and to trust Him.  She is not depressed, and

has no self-pity.  She counts blessings, not mistakes, and has learned that weakness

makes us strong.  Her fear is gone, her anger is gone, and only joy remains.

Chauncy says there is no peace in the heart if you don't know God, and invites us

to let God reveal Himself in a personal way.