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A Fresh, New Look


A "Fresh New Look" was the theme at our March luncheon which was enjoyed by all!

 We learned how to refresh outdated kitchen cabinets through the great information of

 our Special Feature Susan Bell.

The peppy music of Guest Musician Diana Strong was fun and lively,

and  Speaker Shirley Mozena offered encouragement and challenge.



Our Special Feature Susan Bell is the owner of Decor with a Past,

 and is a trained and certified painter of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

 She presented us with interesting options of the function, style, and color of chalk paint. 

Whether for refreshing or resale, Susan explained the economy, ease, and dependability

involving this easy technique.  She took us through the steps of this simple process

and explained a variety of textures, color, and techniques to make chalk paint both

unique and affordable.


As always, we were treated to the fun and life imparting music of

our very special Guest Musician Diana Strong.

 Her first number was a favorite called "My Favorite Things".

Later Diana reminded us that He's the same, He never changes, 

and that He takes our burdens as she sang "Praise the Lord".


Among her many talents, Speaker Shirley Mozena loves the adventure of climbing

peaks.  She began this skill with her husband as part of marriage therapy.

 Through planned pleasant activities, they learned new communication

skills.  By really listening, Shirley learned to focus more on God, which

helped her in turn, to understand her husbands point of view better. 

Together they went on to celebrate 40 years of marriage until he succumbed to illness.

Through this time, Shirley learned that you can trust God in the abyss of dealing with life

without a husband.  He is always with you. Like your safety line, He will never let you fall. 

Eventually Shirley remarried, but also lost him through illness. She continued to

 experience that God is trustworthy and that she was not alone. 

Now married for the third time, she realizes what a gift she has been given.

 Shirley explains that the answer to everything is a relationship with God.

  With Him there is access to wisdom, love, and eternal life!