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“Once Upon A Time”

Our Once Upon A Time luncheon was sweet smelling

and fun!  We learned about soy candles by Sheri Wilson of

Once Upon a Candle, enjoyed the music of Nola Grice, and

Speaker Barbara Leone explained how she found the

right answer to life.


Sheri Wilson of Once Upon a Candle wowed us with her knowledge of

 soy candles, their quality, burn time, and practicality.  Her numerous products

are widely spread as business promotion gifts, showers, weddings, party

  favors, at the local Air Force base, and as fund raisers for schools, as well

 as being distributed in many stores.  Sheri generously provided each guest

 with a beautiful candle to take home and share with others.  Thank you!


Music Guest Nola Grice started us off with the encouraging song "Lean on Me"

which reminds us to lean on Him when there is pain and sorrow, Who gives

you strength to carry on.  Her final song also encouraged us as we all joined

in song remembering that Jesus is mine... a foretaste of Glory Divine!



Although Speaker Barbara Leone was raised by protective parents and went to

private schools, when the hippie movement in San Francisco happened, she

wanted to fit in and have adventure. She spent her early days with "if only"- she

had a job... a boyfriend... by being critical, fault finding and a gossip.  She

needed a friend, and not to be alone.  At college a friend invited her to a

 Bible study, but instead of knowing the gospels and "this stuff", she saw that

her friend knew Jesus as God, a Friend, and a Living Risen Savior.

When Barbara received Him personally and began walking God's way,

she exchanged confusion for peace-- peace with God as her Rock and Refuge,

not the abscence of war, but peace in the circumstances.  Her "if only" stopped

because God works all things together for good.  When friends moved away

Barbara turned to God for peace and comfort.  Barbara no longer gossips and

is more patient.  She loves solitude and knows that God never forsakes her. 

She has a new walk with God and adventures.  Jesus is Lord of her life!