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   In the Garden  

If you love gardening the In the Garden luncheon was a perfect fit!

Chris Sperbeck of Sperbeck's Nursery shared how easy it is to grow

succulents in small containers.  We enjoyed Special Music by

Crystal Steffner and Julie Wiles, as well as encouraging words

from Speaker Karen Yeatts.


Special Feature Chris Sperbeck explained how Sperbeck's Nursery

got it's start 30 years ago, and how her desire for a "quiet spot" led her 

to yard design, landscaping, horticulture, and to the creation of small spaces

that express life.  She also shared practical, much appreciated basic growing 

   tips for succulent growers: describing combinations of heights, colors, textures,

   and ideas for elements of interest, in a variety of interesting containers,

 including new and recycled.


Music Guests Crystal Steffner and Julie Wiles beautifully sang

"Days of Jehovah".  Later they sang "Your Presence Lord" proclaming

sweetest of love, where hearts become free, welcoming the Holy Spirit

 to flood this place and fill the atmosphere.  Precious!


Life with Speaker Karen Yeatts has always been on the move.  Raised

as a stepchild, she learned that life is like a race.  Karen says that you get what

you expect, and that it is dangerous to perform to other's expectations. 

First we must get to the starting line, but we must finish well also.  Karen

learned a "can do" attitude by the power of faith.  She knew God at age 15

when her stepdad became ill, and she turned the control of her life over to God.

 She married the boy down the street, they moved to California, and traveled.

 Karen's first "boulder" happened when their son, 11, was diagnosed with brain cancer

and given 4 months to live.  Now they were on a new race that they expected to

win- not to fear, but to believe.  She tells of keeping her eyes on the finish line,

and not stepping off the track before the end.  Every race starts with the

first step, expecting the reward, with God's peace, to win the blue ribbon,

 and to negotiate through the "boulders" in faith, not fear.  Their

son Troy, by God's miracle, did recover and even went on to graduate college,

 but the experimental radiation had left him deaf, and close to death seven times.

 In 2013 Troy saw Jesus again, wanted to go, closed the door, and won his race.

Through it all, Karen tells of the power of faith.  Accept who you are. 

Trust God will never leave you.  Run the race because it matters!

Be joyful, pray always, give thanks in all circumstances even when it's hard.

Let your light shine. There are no stepchildren in God's family.  Life is precious.

  You are precious.  Life is a long distance race, expect to win joyfully.

  Run like a child holding the hand of God.