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Home & Garden

Our Christian Women's Connection "Home and Garden" luncheon for June was great!
Sherry Ekdawy of Berkshire Hathaway Realtors shared easy and simple ideas
to spruce up our homes for sale- or not.  Sally Spatafore entertained us as our
Special Music Guest, and Speaker Sharon Olson described how she lives in fun
despite her deep losses.

We were treated to the amazing talent of Guest Musician Sally Spatafore
In keeping with the theme of fixing up houses, her first song was the
delightful tune "A Happy Working Song".  Then, taking on a more serious
tone, Sally sang "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked", describing His
life's journey for each one of us.  Truly beautiful!
Always a delight and wonderful source of information, Special Feature,
 Sherry Ekdawy, a dynamic realtor and broker of Berkshire Hathaway Realtors,
shared tips for both selling and sprucing up our homes.  She went over
handouts containing 17 items, explaining everything from what to look for
in a realtor, to the promotion of the home, the preparations of the home to sell, 
and the actual sale itself.  The time flew quickly by as Sherry completed her talk,
and ended with a generous donation of hostess gifts!

Sharon Olson, our very special Speaker, was raised on a farm and brought up
with a sound church background.  She married her 7th grade sweetheart
after high school and had 3 children.  However, her heart broke when
  her 13 year old son drowned. Her heartache continued when
 her husband, while flying to work, was killed when his plane crashed, 
leaving her with 2 teenage sons to raise without a father. When she remarried,
  4 years later, she found that he was unfaithful and became divorced.
However, through all these losses, Sharon knew God's presence.  She had
made a decision to accept Jesus as a child, and where to go for comfort
and help to cope with loss and rejection.  Sharon had seen God's life in others
and trusted Him as her main source of comfort and peace.  Her last obstacle to
overcome was fear of marriage, and then she met her current husband of now 26 years.
Sharon relates how God also lost a Son for her, and that she is never comfortless.
She encourages us to turn our lives over to Jesus Christ and God will forgive you, and
give you peace and strength in tragedies.  He is never too busy, His promises are true,
and He does the impossible!