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“Water, Walking, & You”  

Our June Water, Walking, and You luncheon was warm and friendly!

As we dined, we learned various health benefits from Special Feature Karen Yeatts,

 and we were greatly cheered by Special Music Guest Sally Spatafore.  

Later, Karen Yeatts returned as Speaker to share about her 

expectations for running "her" race.


Music Guest Sally Spatafore perked things up with the happy song "Sing."

Our feet tapped as we remembered good things, not bad, happy things, not sad.  

Sally also magnificently sang "We Shall Behold Him"; and we could visualize 

Him face to face and see His glory.


As Special Feature, Karen Yeatts taught us many health benefits.  She 

offered 7 important reasons to drink water, including: boosting fat burning, 

recharging our immune system, easing arthritis, eliminating brain fog, 

preventing skin disorders, re-energizing, and banishing headaches.

She also explained the benefits of moving, and walking, to lower blood pressure, 

and of maintaining good posture, even to the possibility of our aging backwards.



Coming from a blended family, Speaker Karen Yeatts grew up a very active

 stepchild and tomboy.  Learning independence at an early age, 

her mottos were "I can do it" and "you get what you expect."

In time, Karen married and moved.  For years all was well until her 11 year old 

son Troy was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given only 4 months to live. 

Together they got through 7 surgeries, many years of experimental treatments, 

a coma, scar tissue damage, and deafness.  Through it all, Troy lived to be

34 years old and even graduated from Fresno State College.  

Here are some of the life lessons Karen learned during that time: 

 Life is about choices, as in a race.  We must know how to get to the starting line,

 but also to the finish line as well.  Jesus returned to finish His race. 

He is in control. Pass the baton and turn the control over to God. 

A racer forgets what's behind him and keeps his eye of the finish line.

If there are rocks in the track, don't quit.  Expect peace.

  Expect to get to the finish line, to win, and to get the blue ribbon.

Expect to live.  None of us is perfect.  No one does it right. 

 Hope.  God's grace and strength is perfect. 

 Joy is not the absence of sorrow, but of the presence of God.

  Accept who we are, pray always, throw off what hinders you, and

 run the race with patience and perseverance.

Life is precious.  You are precious.  Be joyful always, holding the hand of God.

We are windows-- shine!