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 Here’s to Your Health!


Always desiring to keep our programs well balanced, our June luncheon

"Here's to Your Health" covered a bit of the practical side of things.

Our Special Feature Dr. Chance Hendricks of Integrated Physical Therapy

informed us of some common everyday injuries and their preventions.

Carol Kohler our speaker, then shared how her life changed from bitterness,

due to her husband's diagnosis of AIDS, to peace and contentment. 

And as always, our music guest Wendy Cooper treated us to her own very special sounds.


Since it is always important to keep our bodies healthy, Special Feature

Dr. Chance Hendricks of Integrated Physical Therapy, explained the causes and prevention

of some common everyday injuries.  His talk was both interesting and informative.

 The first injury mentioned by Dr. Hendricks was

that of the lower back and for prevention he suggests that we move.

Shoulder injury was the next injury and he recommended that we avoid

repetitive lifting or reaching overhead.  The third common injury mentioned was balance

which includes vision, inner ear, and joints.   Overall, Dr. Hendricks is

 very knowledgeable and a great asset to our community! 


Our music guest Wendy Cooper is a multi-talented musician,

worship leader, song writer, pianist, caterer, and mother! 

Whenever she sings, it is with her whole heart and soul and today's music

was no different.  We were both blessed and reminded as we heard

her very own song "It's You."


Carol Kohler, our speaker, begins her talk with great truth by stating:

"difficulties drive us to the throne of grace." Her story begins with a phone call

from her husband informing her of his medical diagnosis of AIDS.

Carols message goes on to describe how she came to believe and receive

truth, and to ask for help from God.  She needed forgiveness for her husband

which was ongoing as they shared their last five years together.

She was blessed as she saw the changes in her husband

 when he received salvation through Jesus Christ.

Carol knows that in Christ there is freedom from guilt, peace, and contentment.

There is deliverance from shame and sins of the past. We can now be reconciled with

the Father who is never angry and who will not remove His covering of peace from us.

 In Christ there is joy, comfort that is greater than any pain, and

a peace that passes understanding!