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Water, Walking & You


 During our July Water, Walking & You luncheon, our Special Feature 

Karen Yeatts taught how water is essential to replenish and improve our health.

We enjoyed music by talented Carol Keesling and later Karen Yeatts shared her story

of running a race and the Coach who made a difference.


Guest soloist Carol Keesling and her accompanist Jean Hemphill uplifted us by

performing patriotic melodies "This is My Country", and a sing-along "God Bless America".

Later she completed her tribute by singing "Statue of Liberty", this time by honoring

the Cross-- where my soul is set free.


Karen Yeatts our Special Feature, described a great number of the benefits of

daily water intake such as: easing arthritis, skin disorders, fat burning, brain fog, and

migrane headaches.  She also shared how to calculate our individual daily water needs,

 and supplied helpful suggestions to inspire more water intake for improved health.



From an early age Speaker Karen Yeatts has loved sports and compares life to

running a race.  She has positive experiences being raised as a step-child, and was

firmly grounded in faith.  When at age 15 her step father was injured, they sought God

in prayer and claimed that the Bible is true.  Karen married the boy down the street,

traveled, and had 2 children.  When her 11 year old son was diagnosed with a 

brain tumor and given 4 months to live, rather than accept the doctors reports,

she expected to win through Jesus Christ and just believe.  Her son went on to

graduate from college.  However due to the years of experimental treatments,

he had many life-long complications.  Since he had met Jesus many times and

longed to join Him, he passed on with joy in 2013. Here are many nuggets of

 wisdom Karen shared:  You get what you expect, so expect to run the race

to win.  I can be who I am to be through faith.  All are equal with God.

Jesus and God are in control.  None are perfect.  He helps us to run the race.

Keep your eye on the finish line, and hand God the baton in life's race. 

When challenges come, don't step off the track before the end of the race.

Lean on the Lord.  Expect peace whatever comes along. Choose to run with

faith, not fear.  Finally, Karen reminds us: to be joyful, give thanks always

even when it's hard, without faith we are like stained glass in the dark so

throw off everything that hinders and run the race.  You matter.  His

light shines through His window.  There are no step-children in God's family. 

Run like a child holding God's hand!