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Best Wishes!

If you have ever wondered about a fun hobby that makes people smile,

the Best Wishes luncheon was for you.  Terry Lundeberg owner of

Stampin T Greetings shared the art of handmade greeting cards. 

Beth Hastey was our talented soloist, and speaker Guadalupe Casillas

shared her story of what took her from fear to a Person.


Terry Lundeberg of Stampin T Greetings demonstrated the art of making

greeting cards, describing a variety of techniques such as: backgrounds,

punchs, and premade dyes for invitations, announcements, and scrapbooks. 

She mentioned that projects can even be turned into extra income by spending

as little, or as much, money as desired.  Terry explained that scrapbooking is a

 perfect hobby to lose stress, stay grounded, and make friends.  It is also great

   therapy that you do with your hands, and that makes people smile.  And smile

  we did, as Terry created a lovely greeting card for each guest. Thank you!


The very Special Music provided by Beth Hastey and accompanied by

Beth Allison was as dynamic as ever.  She began by singing

"On The Street Where You Live".  Later, Beth sang a combination of songs,

"There is A Redeemer" and "I Surrender All".


Speaker Guadalupe Casillas described her childhood, living in Nicaraga as

one of constant fear of death: from being abducted, murdered, or possibily

from one of the large earthquakes.  Although Guadalupe received Jesus

as Savior about 10, she doubted that Jesus could love her.  Later, after their

papers were approved, and when a revolution broke out and they found

 grenades on their patio, they knew that it was time to go to the U.S.

Guadalupe met her husband at 16, and married at 18, but she soon found that

 he wanted nothing to do with God.  She became depressed and even backed

 away from God herself- but a Bible study helped her.  Guadalupe learned

about what Jesus went through in laying down His life, decided to trust Jesus

with her life, and fell in love with Him.  Some time later when she experienced

  a hydroplaning accident, she realized that she had no more fear of death,

and was actually looking forward to meeting Jesus,  Also, she is no longer

 depressed, or have a low selfesteem.  And, after 20 years, her husband

returned to God when he saw her changes in her.  Guadalupe encourages

everyone to believe Jesus is the Son of God who died and rose from the dead.