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 “Berry Sweet!” 

Our Berry Sweet luncheon presented some wonderful tastes of summer as we sampled the

  fresh picked blackberries of Special Feature Marie Heier of J. Heier Farms Blackberries.  

We also enjoyed the music of our Guest Soloist Catrina McCaffrey, and heard about

a happy ending from our Speaker Carla Cross.



Special Feature Marie Heier is a vibrant 5th generation member of J. Heier Farms Blackberries.

Marie is enrolled in college, studying for a BA degree in an Ag School of Business, 

and the marketing of natural foods.  Her exuberant passion is contagious as she described

various berries that the farm grows, and all without pesticides.  

 She also talked about harvesting, canning, and of creating brands and labels.

Marie generously welcomed us to taste their delicious fruit, as well as

 to purchase fruit and natural homemade preserves to take home for later.


Talented Guest Soloist Catrina McCaffrey began our luncheon with 

the very fun song "Spoonful of Sugar".  Later in the program Catrina

sweetly sang "I'll Walk With God".


Coming from a blended family, our Speaker Carla Cross experienced 

suppressed ambitions. Always trying to excel at an early age, she was on a quest

for self worth, driven to be worth something. She becoming a majorette, homecoming queen,

dated the school jock, won 3 scholarships, and eventually in college belonged

to Mensa.  In college her feelings of inadequacy led her into a wrong

relationship, pregnancy, and out of state adoption of the baby,

greatly adding guilt and shame over the secret that she carried.

However everything changed when Carla's adult son contacted her.  He was able to tell

her that the forgiveness of God relieves guilt.  Soon Carla attended a Bible Study,

and became adopted into God's family, transformed, and forgiven.  Carla stated that

He is our past, present, and future and that we are not dependant on man's opinion. 

Fear, rejection, and worthlessness no longer control her. She explains that

God made you just the way He wanted you.  Believe and trust in Him!