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“Pick a Peck of Pickled



Doesn't summer remind you of county fairs, patriotic music, and fun with friends?

  If so you would have enjoyed our "Pick a Peck of Pickled Peppers" luncheon for July.

With friends we dined on cool gazpacho, lots of fresh fruit, and assorted sandwiches

at the Harvest Room.  Then like a county fair, we were introduced to the home grown 

pickled veggies of Eileen Brubaker from "Pick a Peck Pickles."  Both patriotic and

inspirational music was offered by music guest Diana Strong, followed by the

 entertaining and encouraging words of Carol Scott the speaker to complete our program.




Our special feature Eileen Brubaker was extremely interesting as she shared the making

of their truly family business Pick A Peck Pickles.  Starting from a favorite old recipe of

 pickled asparagus, teacher and mother Eileen described how the whole family is

involved in the business, everything from creating, naming, sales, to marketing.  The process also

directed them to obtaining a commercial kitchen, offering internships, and even being

published in both Rachael Ray and California Bountiful magazines!


Always a hit in July, music guest Diana Strong started off our program by singing

the patriotic song "America the Beautiful." Later on we were encouraged, as

Diana followed up with her song "It Is Well With My Soul," the lyrics reminding us of

 peace like a river, sin nailed to the cross, and that it IS well, it is well, it is well with my soul!


Carol Scott our speaker encouraged us with her story of looking for life fulfillment.

Shy and insecure, she joined a local community theater and enjoyed the spot light. 

For over 20 years Carol participated in leading roles in melodramas and tap dancing--

until the applause wore off.  Still needing a sense of purpose, she tried self-help books

because in the past, she had been in control, the master of her own fate, and her own best friend. 

Then at a luncheon she was introduced to the "Person" Jesus Christ and she knew He cared

about her.  She attended a Bible study where she learned that peace of mind cannot

come from yourself but only from Jesus Christ.  Now she no longer is troubled because she

has learned that Jesus Christ has all the answers that we need!