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“Hatitude of Joy!”

Wow! If you like music, you would love the gaiety

at our "Hattitude of Joy" luncheon!


Our Special Feature, Lillie Knauls, the Internationally known

gospel artist and Dove Award winner, started off our program

with joy and fun by a hat contest - with attitude. 

She happily explained the hows and whys of hats.

There were prizes, and of course, life imparting songs

to make your heart sing!



Lillie then went on to entertain us with a number of musical hits -

everything from James Brown "I Feel Good" to the famous"O Happy Day".


And as we were in the edge of our seats, Miss Knauls spoke the truth

contrasting the difference between happiness (based on happenings)

and true joy.  She described her "joy" relationship with Jesus Christ

that has blessed her through her life. Then, sprinkled with sweet inspiring songs,

she gave us truth on how we can be lifted to joyful heights in Him.