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“A Healthy New You!”


January got us ready to be renewed at our "Healthy New You" luncheon.

Special Feature Gretchen Eggen gave us tips to relax our bodies in the new year. 

Vocolist Christina Rice soothed our spirits, and Speaker Cindy Meyer completed

our renewal by challenging us to keep looking up when life tries to get us down.


Gretchen Eggen, an expert on fitness, health, and wellness gave us helpful

information on the nervous system and stress.  She talked about hormones,

physical chemical reactions, and of our restore and repair mode, explaining

that chronic pain is an overload reaction to fight and flight. Then to complete

her teaching, Gretchen demonstrated some simple breathing techniques to

de-stress the mind and body, to help us to slow down and relax. 


Our Guest Vocolist Christina Rice again treated our spirits by singing

"My Heart Will Go On and On".  Later her song "How Deep is My Love"

sweetly described God's love for us in sending His Son, of His death,

that, it is finished, and that His wounds made our ransome.


Speaker Cindy Meyer shared her life's story of going from a carefree

daughter, to single mom, to wife and mother of 3.  From an early age,

 Cindy had been taught the gospel; she knew that her sins were forgiven,

 and that Jesus loved her.  Even when diagnosed with cancer, she knew

that she had nothing to fear, that she was secure in heaven, and that no

problem was too big or small.  Her life was in the palm of His hands, she had

peace, and, not long after, she was cancer free.  When her husband made poor

business investment decisions and they lost their money, Cindy realized it

was another opportunity to look up, move forward, and to dwell on the future,

not to get down or depressed.  She remembered that the best things in life are free.  

  She still had her family, her health, and knew that she was loved, which had nothing

  to do with money.  Later, when Cindy was again diagnosed with cancer, she believed 

   the Bible, refused a pity party, and kept her mind on others as great therapy. 

    When her daughter was murdered, she decided to look up, see good,

  and share God's love and forgiveness with others, because when we don't

  forgive, we are the prisoners and don't move forward. Cindy encourages

  that the best thing is our relationship with Jesus.  You don't need to get

 cleaned up first.  Step out in faith.  If you are afraid to love, trust.  There

  is nothing to lose.  Choose to receive His free gift of assurance, peace,

 strength, wisdom, and hope, and you can look up when life's down.

  He lifts us up to face the future.  It's our choice.