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Coffee Time

"Coffee Time" was the perfect theme for a rainy January day!

We began with great music by Guest Soloist Helen Jackson, and  

a very interesting coffee presentation by Special Feature Timothy

Styczynski of Bridge Coffee Co.  Speaker Barbara Carr went on

to describe her journey to overcome depression and stand up to

greater accomplishments.


Our Music Guest Helen Jackson beautifully offered the song

"On a Clear Day" to encourage us with the rainy weather.  Later,

her second number "I Long To Worship Thee" reminded us that

He is my heart's desire, my Strength, and my Shield.


Timothy Styczynski of Bridge Coffee Co. has been interested in

coffee for 25 years and has nearly 15 years of roasting experience.

Timothy shared some coffee growing history, and he described

the 3 waves of coffee production - robusta, arabica, and speciality

craft coffees.  He completed his talk by demonstrating coffee brewing

  with coffee beans from Ethiopia, offered a taste test with the audience,

   and went on to donate packages of speciality beans as hostess gifts.

Timothy encourages all to visit his store, as he also supports many

local products, and is the 1st roaster for Sutter Co.  De-licious!


Speaker Barbara Carr is the 3rd of 13 children.  She loved people, yet

she still wondered if she was loved as much as her siblings, or that

  she belonged.  When she moved to L.A. she met her husband and had

a son.  After returning home to Phoenix and becoming involved in an auto

 accident, Barbara had a hunger to know God.  Upon having another son

and moving to Kentucky, her life was full of "what ifs", so she attended a

Bible study.  However when her neighbor's husband died suddenly, Barbara

 became depressed and did anything to keep from being alone. Since she

believed in doing good things, she joined a church outreach to help others to

  know Jesus Christ, resulting in helping herself to know Him better.  She said

 yes to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and her attitudes slowly changed, even

to the point that she was no longer afraid to be alone. She had a third son,

returned to California, and even gave birth to a perfect daughter, in spite of

concerns due to her age.  Now an empty nester, Barbara has come to realize

that Jesus loves her children even more than she does. She knows there are

promises for everything we need, and to pray, and that God supplies.

All is paid for.  Jesus is alive today.  Jesus is the answer!