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“A Class Act”

Our January luncheon truly was "A Class Act". 

We were delightfully entertained by Carmen Smith, Theater Manager of The Acting Co,

by Guest Soloist Diana Strong, and by the happy ending story of Speaker Lori Hartin.


Our Special Feature Carmen Smith was both informative and entertaining. 

She began by informing us about The Acting Co., its awards, reviews, 

programs for children, behind the scenes opportunities, season tickets, and upcoming events.

Then Carmen dazzeled us by performing a song from Caberet called "Maybe This Time",

leaving us wanting to hear more!


Guest Soloist Diana Strong and her accompanist Jeanne Hemphill prepared our hearts

to hear the speaker as they sweetly performed "Come Let Us Worship The King".


Speaker Lori Hartin compared her life with the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood". 

She explained that even though being brought up to know right and wrong, she had a

rebellious side which led her to a divorce, loss of a baby, and doubts of God's love.

In her fairy tale story, Lori compared Jesus to the woodsman who rescued her

from going her own way.  She learned that God was not mad at her, and that He

offered her His forgiveness.  Lori encourages us to open the door to Christ and let Him

rescue us. She says if you will turn to Him, and trust Him, you will find everlasting

peace and your life can have a happy ending.