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“Sweets for my Valentine”

"Sweets for my Valentine" truly was a sweet luncheon!

Special Feature Teresa Larson and Sierra Yeager shared about

Sweet Thing Carmels.  Music Guest Christina Rice sang glorious songs,

and Speaker Danette Bentzs shared how a broken radio led her to success.


Guest Soloist Christina Rice began by singing "The Rose",

a beautiful song about love.  Later, we were treated to one of Christina's

own songs entitled "I Want to Dance With You", describing a desire to move

the way God wants us to move, and to be led to experience His whispers,

 His looks, His grace, and the faithfulness of His presence.


Teresa Larson and Sierra Yeager have been friends for years. 

Together at Sweet Thing Carmels, they create hand-made and hand-cut

carmels in a variety of flavors.  Teresa shared their history, how they

make the carmels, and how they can accomodate weddings, showers, and

corporate events.  Since they also believe in community, they generously

offered samples of their "comfort candy".  You can check them out on line

at Etsy, or give them a phone call to place an order.  Yum!


Speaker Danette Bentz described her younger days as "doing it my way".

Coming from a long list of academic titles such as nurse, educator, and

business owner, Danette described her life as self-sufficient, stubborn, and

lonely.  She saw no use for church or the Bible, other than for boys or for

her friend.  Although she heard the gospel many times, she thought that

Christians were too restrictive and had no fun. When hearing that God loves her,

it seemed too hard to accept, and she continued in active rebellion and passive

indifference in her fellowship with God.  Although she feared a wake-up call,

Danette also battled the lies that: she was not good enough, she had done

too much, and that people would laugh.  The answer came when her car was stolen

in a parking lot and she got a rental car with the radio "stuck" on a Christian station. 

 The gospel sermons finally penetrated and she learned "it's all about who Jesus is".

  Danette prayed in the parking lot, and even told her friend about her new relationship

with Him.  Now Danette relies on His word, and knows that nothing is too much for Jesus. 

 She has learned that you don't have to be perfect.  She was stuck, but Jesus

 offered forgiveness and a new life.  Jesus even carried her through cancer. 

Hope carries you through.  Choose Jesus.  He really does love you!