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 Sweet Valentine

What more could you hope for at a Valentine Luncheon than a Special Feature from a candy store?

Ethel Padgett of the Candy Box did just that at our February "Sweet Valentine" luncheon. 

To top off our program, we also enjoyed a lovely violin serenade by talented Music Guest

Lori Patterson, and inspiring words from special Guest Speaker Cindy Meyer.


Ethel Padgett, our Speacial Feature, told that the Candy Box has been an ongoing

family business for over 62 years, complete with original candy recipes, all with no preservatives.

They have a huge variety of confections to choose from, everything from the usual nuts and chews

  to the hard to find old fashioned treats such as horhounds, licriorce, honeycomb,

 and turtles, being their specialty. And they serve at a variety of parties, weddings, and events.

Ethel also generously supplied each guest with a chocolate sample to enjoy.  Yum!


Our violin serenade by Music Guest Lori Patterson began with a number by Chopin

called "Nocturne".  Later in keeping with the theme, Lori sweetly presented

"King of Love" reminding us that His goodness never fails.


Special Guest Speaker Cindy Meyer encourages us to "look up when life gets you down".

She told of her early days as being young and carefree, of having a daughter from a too-early marriage

that ended in divorce, and remarring, she experienced the challenges of a blended family.

  Cindy explained how her early teaching of the knowledge of God's love taught her the security of heaven,
no fear of death, forgiveness, and of His comfort and peace.  The knowledge that

Jesus would never leave or forsake her helped her to overcome cancer, near bankruptcy,

raising teens, another cancer diagnosis, the murder of her daughter, forgiveness, and

raising her grandchildren as a second family.  All these trials have confirmed that life is filled

with choices.  We should "look up" and see what we have, not what we don't have, and

 not allow disaster to get us down or to get angry.  Cindy says to refuse to have a pity party.
Remember that the best things in life are free.
The key to looking up is to keep your focus of God.
Jesus never lets you down!