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The Christmas Story


During our "Christmas Story" luncheon we were treated to beautiful

Christmas melodies by the Yuba City High School Choir, under the

direction of Linda Robinson. Our delightful program continued with

"Mary Remembers", a heartwarming one-person drama of the Christmas Story

 presented by Mary Moffitt as "Mary", and music by Soloist Terry Barber


The Yuba City High School Choir under the direction of Linda Robinson

was wonderful as they sang uplifting melodies for the holidays.  We enjoyed

several selections including "Away in a Manger" and ending with a four song

sing-along of Christmas favorites.  It was fun to see some familiar choir faces  

 as well as new ones.  And, as always, we were impressed by their outstanding

talent.  Thank you students, and thank you Linda Robinson!


The "Christmas Story" was presented as a one-person drama by Mary Moffitt.

 Mary begins the drama by sharing "memories" in her journal, reminiscing

  of how she became engaged to Joseph, of her visit from the angel telling 

  her of her favor with God, and that she was chosen to give birth to God's Son. 

She also told of the dream Joseph had by an angel instructing him to marry her.

Mary explained it was after traveling to Bethlehem, that she gave birth to Jesus, and  

how His warmth and light filled the stable, and how shepards came and worshipped

 Him as the Messiah.  Mary remembers when they returned to Nazareth, how Jesus grew, 

and how He worked with Joseph in the carpenters shop.  At 30, Jesus began to teach, 

healed the sick, and cleansed lepers.  He was kind and gentle, but the jealous

church leaders hated him and at 33, plotted to put Him to death on the cross. 

 Speaker, Mary Moffitt reminds us of the good news that Jesus did not stay dead

   but rose 3 days later.  He is alive now and wants to be your Savior, by grace,

  not by works.  Jesus is God's gift to us.  His arms are stretched out to us.

  The Bible is God's "book of remberance" to help me to trust Jesus,

 Who forgives, Who loves me, even when we can't feel Him,

He is right there, Who never leaves us alone.