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Merry Christmas!

At our "Merry Christmas" luncheon, the atmosphere of love was rich.

We were filled with wonderful music by the Yuba City High School Choir,

under the direction of Linda Robinson, and we heard encouraging words

for tough times by Speaker Helen Pauchaud.


The talented Yuba City High School Choir under direction of Linda Robinson

once again presented a lively performance for all.  Beginning the program with

  the song "Mary Did You Know" the Choir proceeded to sing a wide assortment

 of Christmas carols, ending with a "sing-along" of "Deck the Halls",

  "Jingle Bells", and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

It was truly inspiring to see the faces of the students and to hear their

superb music abilities.


Speaker Helen Pauchaud described her life as very structured and in control.

She also told of a real fear of death, of having no inner peace, and no answers

  to her questions.  She eventually went to college, married, and had a son, 

and they moved to a remote part of Nevada.  After the birth of her second

son (who died 24hrs. later) Helen returned home with empty arms.  She was

overwhelmed with grief, helplessness, and a haunting fear of death, and again

seeking answers.  Two years later, a baby girl was added to their family,

 a new alfalfa ranch, and neighbors.  At a Bible study, Helen observed women

 who knew Jesus as a personal friend, and in Him found peace

and comfort in trouble, acceptance and perseverance. And then upon acquiring

 a second TV station, Helen heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, and  answers

  to her questions.  She learned of being saved by grace, of Jesus' power over death,

 of eternal life, and that heaven is available to us when we believe in Jesus.

  She knows that Jesus understands when we are exhausted and can't cope,

 and upon praying and receiving Jesus as Savior, Helen received peace to cope

 and could go on.  Upon moving to another town with a church,

Helen learned not to be stubborn, and to let Jesus take control of her life,

 that she can depend on Him, that He will never leave or forsake her, and that

 He is her forever friend.  Jesus is the answer to struggles,

 in Him we have new life, beginning today!