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A Slice of Summer

What says summer more than fresh watermelon?  During our Slice of Summer luncheon

 we savored lucious watermelon samples from Special Feature Cherie Stephens of

  Stephens Farmhouse.  We were treated to outstanding Music by Ronda Edwards and

 Karla Hyatt, and Speaker Arlene Fetzer shared how she found the right key for living. 


Although Stephens Farmhouse is now a landmark, Cherie Stephens briefly described

its over 50 years history which began in 1966 by selling melons on the side of the road

to give their sons money to buy school clothes.  Today, Stephens Farmhouse is

"the place" to go to for fresh melons, fruits, jams, and jellies.  And during the holiday

season it is the "go to" place for fresh baked pies, and baked goods; and they even 

offer fund raising events. Cherie proceeded to give us wise tips on how to select

   the perfect melon and then shared with us her delicious, tastey watermelon samples

 (including yellow watermelons).  Yum!


The Music presentations by Ronda Edwards and Karla Hyatt was dynamic!

Beginning with "Stand Still", we were encouraged to let God move when we

reach the end, that He will make a way for you.  Then "It Is Well" uplifted us

with the promise of peace that He brings. 


Growing up in a family with a dad as a country western singer, Speaker

Arlene Fetzer described life as playing together and going to church.  At the

tender age of 11 or 12, however she experienced the divorce of her parents,

leaving her grieved and untrusting.  When she did marry, her husband was very active

 in a busy restaurant chain and Arlene found herself alone, lonely, and questioned

 her marriage.  At last she went to a conference where she heard the gospel

  again, only this time she understood it. When she realized that she had pulled from

  following God's plan, she prayed, and returned to church, where she now plays her

 flute and has even joined the choir again.  Life took a turn however in October 2011

when Arlene was involved in major quad accident in the remote Carson Mountains.

An amazing series of miracles then took place: there was miraculously phone reception,

a retired fighter pilot was on call to land the helicopter in her remote location,

the #1 orthopedic sport specialist "happened" to come in on his day off, the hospital she

 was brought to was #5 trauma in the nation, she had 3 devoted ladies to help her recovery

at home with meals etc., she was not depressed during her recovery, and with God's help,

she did not accept a bad report but stood on His Word.  Through all this Arlene learned to

 have courage, and don't wimp out, because God knows where you are and what you need. 

You only have to engage in His Word!