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 “Summer in Bloom!”

The August "Summer in Bloom" luncheon truly lived up to its name! 

Special Feature Jill Lessard of Elegant Petals created a magnificent

summer flower bouquet. We enjoyed our talented Soloist Beth Hastey,

and Speaker Barbara Leone told us how she found the right answer to life.


Special Feature Jill Lessard is not only the owner of Elegant Petals Florist,

but is an Event Planner and Wedding Coordinator as well.  Her shop

was even selected for a photo shoot at the Crocker Art Museum. 

Jill gave us great information such as where florists get their flowers,

helpful ways to order flowers, and handy tips for making our own arrangements.

  All while completing her talk, she beautifully created a magnificent flower arrangement

 which she, along with a second arrangement, graciously donated for our guests to enjoy.

  Thank you Jill!


Special Music guest Beth Hastey is a dynamic musician with an incredible

voice and a sweet spirit!  She began by singing "Someday", a song of hope and

of change.  Her second number was a medly of songs, encouraging us that

Jesus is the anchor for my soul, it it well, the victory is won, I will rise,

and, no more sorrow no more pain, when He calls my name on eagles wings.


Our Speaker Barbara Leone is from San Jose, CA where the hippie movement

and psychedelic time was in full swing.  Coming from a family with strict and

established ways, Barbara was newly introduced to change and confusion. 

In college, she began asking "who was I" and began to search for answers. 

A friend invited her to a Bible study where she learned that she was not her own.

She learned that God is not just a Prophet but "The God", a living risen God

Who gave her the right to believe, and to receive Him.  When Barbara opened

the door to her heart to Him, confusion turned to peace with God Who is her

Rock and Refuge.  She also noticed that when a loved one passed away,

there was no grief but God was her Comfort.  Now she is more patient and

forgiving, and has solitude in the close presence of God.