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 “Buzzing Thru Summer”

"Buzzing Thru Summer" was really an accurate title for this August luncheon!

All our guests were buzzing with enthusiasm to hear our Special Feature Teal McCracken

 share about honey and beeswax candles, the inspiring music of Guest Musician

Beth Hastey, and about the American Dream by Speaker Betty Childs.


Special Feature Teal McCracken is a busy mother of 4, wife, and business owner of

Beekeeper's Daughter products.  Teal lovingly shared her memories growing up

as a beekeeper's daughter.  We were fascinated as she described the intricacies 

of grooming a queen bee, creating hives, and extracting honey.  We heard the

process of making beeswax candles and why they are healthier. We also learned

the amazing benefits of honey as an antibiotic, for digestion, allergies, healing wounds 

and burns, and for hair and skin.  Then Teal's talk came full circle as she lovingly 

introduced her 4 children, making even more memories for the future.


Our Guest Soloist Beth Hastey is pure joy!  Beginning her music presentation 

by singing "Feed the Birds", she went on to have us swaying to 

"Let's Go Fly A Kite".  Later in the program, Beth blessed our spirits by singing

"Great Is Thy Faithfulness", reminding us of His mercy, presence, 

strength, hope, and blessings. 


Like so many, Speaker Betty Childs' idea of the American Dream was marriage and family.

 Working first as a model, then in aerospace, according to the "dream",  Betty married, and had a daughter.

However the marriage of 7 years ended in disaster, leaving her with a complete loss of self-esteem.

Returning to her job in the aerospace industry, Betty enjoyed working with astronauts.  She married an

aerospace engineer, had another daughter, and began the challenges of life as a "blended" family. 

Seeking family counseling at church led her to ask deep questions about herself,

realizing that she didn't feel good enough to be loved, and that she had put up walls. 

Through Bible Study, Betty learned that when Jesus Christ rose from the dead, He lives in her.

  Rebellion, unforgiveness, and bitterness are forgiven. There's no guilt. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

     Through Him we have happiness, deep joy, contentment, abundant life, and rest for heavy loads. 

Betty challenges us to trust God.  Celebrate your own life.  Step out in confidence through Jesus Christ.

He knows your needs.