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For Love of


Our "Love of Photography" luncheon at the Harvest Room had it all.

Great food -- tri tip and mashed potatoes to make your mouth drool,

and beautiful photographic creations by Laurie Fancher-Long.

There also was inspirational music by Christina Rice, and an adventurous

tale of mountain climbing by our speaker Danita Schwemer. 

It was a great day and great fun for all!


Special Feature Laurie Fancher-Long, an award winning local photographer,

shared that her love of photography inspired her to open her own business. 

She displayed a large variety of her work and explained that it's her desire

that we not only see it, but feel it.  She also related how her creations

transport her, give her new joy in her family and surroundings, and

of the valuable lesson that- as you overcome obstacles, you overcome yourself.

Our music guest Christina Rice is a loving and talented worship leader,

mother, and message therapist who blessed us with her rendition of "The Rose."

 Later in the program Christina offered "I Can Feel You Jesus All Around",

  the lyrics beautifully reminding us of His light appearing, of His hope and peace,

 and that "nothing satisfies a soul like You".


Since the experience of her climb of Half Dome in darkness, our guest speaker

Danita Schwemer realized the truth.  She explains Life is like a hike, sometimes rocky,

uphill, downhill, with obstacles, and with fatigue.  Although a computer programmer,

 single mom, and independent, Danita experienced the challenges of a blended family.

 It was then that she and her husband received the free gift of salvation

that is offered in God's Word.  She now knows the truth that Jesus is always

there to lean on, He is with us in our struggles, our Helper, our Friend. 

He loves her.  He is her counselor and guide and a light shining in the darkness.

She reminds us - you don't have to go it alone!