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Herb Gardening


  If you love gardening, or cooking for that matter,

our "Herb Gardening" luncheon was right for you.





Terry Chronister of The Green Seed Nursery

presented wonderful information about growing gardens of

 culinary herbs to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods.

She knowingly explained everything from soil, lighting, watering,

to companion planting, pests, and harvesting and more.

Terry also provided helpful hand outs with tips on culinary herb selection.

And just for fun, assorted "hens and chicks" succulents

were even given as hostess gifts.






 Right along with the theme, Yuba City's own musician Diana Strong

entertained us with a fun song called "Lady Bug" and then later

beautifully prepared our hearts by reminding us "He Never Changes."






Then inspired, we learned abour our speaker and music lover, Arlene Fetzer,

who found the key to life's problems while attending an opera about Jesus Christ

where she learned to open her heart and to love others.

She then shared how not long ago while on vacation, she experienced a near critical quad accident

which once again proved God's many miracles,

 His grace to overcome the lengthy challenges of recovery,

 and of the faithful love and friendship of others.