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Denim and Diamonds

We joined in the fun at our Denim and Diamonds luncheon, wearing denim and

sparkling along with Special Feature Micki Poole from Poole's Jewerly.

The program was then complete, as our inspiring

guest speaker Sherry Mehl revealed her lessons to smooth out life's rough roads.



Micki Poole is the owner of Poole's Jewerly, a local family owned jewerler since 1921.

Micki wonderfully impressed us with her detailed knowledge of diamonds.

She discussed everything from how diamonds form and where, to diamond hardness,

color, cut, weight, durability, stability, brilliance, and more. Thanks to Micki,

we are much more prepared for our next trip to the jewerlers!


Guest Speaker Sherry Mehl described her early life's journey as, from being an only

child without a father, to a blended family, to a decision to leave home at 16,

and then at 18, to widely travel independently, seeking power, wealth, and success.

Sherry married but the control issue was too great.  She then went into

politics but fame was fleeting, eventually leading her to become distrustful, a

recluse with no peace, learning that success, fame, and money had no satisfaction.

Although her father came back into her life, he passed away 3 weeks later. 

An earthquake shattered her home, her divorce was final, and she lost her

re-election.  Then after barely escaping death in a car crash, she was invited to

attend another Christian Womens Connection meeting where she heard

about Jesus, and about knowing God, and His love.  Sherry knew that her efforts

were not enough, and upon praying, her life changed and her attitude changed.

She has now left the controls to God, and her job was restored. She learned

to trust and to leave the consequences to Him, that God's promises are true,

and that He will never leave or forsake us.  We can never stray too far to be

out of His reach, and He will welcome us back.  Even if we are undeserving,

stubborn, and unloveable, nothing will seperate us from His love.

 He is there, bending but not breaking us.  He cares for us and loves us. 

 Hurt, worry, disappointment, and grief, draws us closer to Him. 

 When we have faith, we can walk in the future with His love and joy!