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“Backyard BBQ”

What better enticement to spring than suggestion of a "Backyard BBQ"? 

Our April luncheon got us all in the mood with Mark Breeding of Farmboy's

Barbeque.  Music was beautifully provided by violinist Lori Patterson.  And

Diana McFarling our Speaker, shared her love story of a lifetime.


Our Special Feature Mark Breeding of Farmboy's Barbeque was informative and

very entertaining!  He told the story that led to starting his business- of the challenges,

and of his wonderful products, which he does himself.  Later we enjoyed a sampling 

of his BBQ sauces, including original, plum. apricot, and the always popular

hot pepper varieties, and of the amazing rubs.  Superb!


Guest Musician Lori Patterson was, as always, inspiring.  Her violin

numbers set you in another place, especially as she played

"Our Great Savior".  Thank You Lori!


Speaker Diana McFarling always had love story dreams, most of which came true.

  Meeting her future husband at college, they graduated, married, and comissioned into

  the Navy all on the same day; and then traveled to distant places.  Diana did, however,

experience mysterious symptoms which were later diagnosed as MS.  After

a time of remission and having 2 children, Diana was invited to a Bible Study

where she heard the gospel, prayed and she learned that Christ is with you

for all eternity, and that Christ would supply all her needs.  When the MS

came out of remission with parlysis, a friend stayed with her for 3 mos. 

When her husband was injured in an accident, caregivers and friends were there

 to help and he healed fast.  Diana has learned to rely on His strength, and to see

  disabilities as God's possibilities.  She says "I can do all things through Christ".

 He is with me always.  Salvation is a free gift from God.  

You do not earn it or deserve it; turn your heart and life over to the Lord.  

Keep searching and you will find Him.