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Soaps and More

  The "Soaps and More" luncheon, was a bounty to the senses!

   We began by a tasting a delicious pre-Easter ham feast, and continued with

 Jane Leebeck  of Jane's Rustic Ranch Soap.  We saw her beautiful soaps, and smelled  

 the awesome fragrances. We were able to hear our talented Guest Musician

  Christina Rice, and Speaker Helen Bozzo touched our hearts with words of hope.


Jane Leebeck and her husband Stan of Jane's Rustic Ranch Soap travel all over

  to demonstrate the art of soap making.  Jane began her presentation by telling the

interesting history of soap- from wood ashes and cooking grease, to her present

day techniques of combining oil, lye, water, color, and scent to each bar. 

She explained that the use of each oil: palm, olive, caster, avacado, changes the soap

 quality according to a specific purpose. In addition to the wide variety of their soaps

 that are a delight to use and widely in demand, Jane also makes a fine line of

   lip balm, lotions, and more.  Thank you for your generous gifts and presentation!


Music Guest Christina Rice blessed us again with her personally inspired music.

Her first song got our feet tapping to the lyrics "I'm Feelin' Good", it's a new dawn,

a new day, a new life, freedom is mine.  Later Christina sang a touching

song "How He Loves Me So", speaking of His love like a hurricane, we are

His portion and He is our prize.


Speaker Helen Bozzo offers a message of joy and hope.  Raised from hard working

parents who worked long hours, from age 9 with her younger brother, Helen

  was in a situation to be "Charles in Charge".  She did housework and homework but

missed the love of her parents, self worth, and had even developed a fear of death. 

Although Helen found some loving comfort from her neighbors, she

felt inside that she didn't measure up and would rather not try than to fail. 

She met Joe at 15 and married at 17, but all the while it was a battlefield, searching

 for love. On two occasions when ready to leave her marriage, Helen became

  pregnant and stayed, hoping a child would love her. She was her hardest judge,

  never good enough. However, after two more years, Helen felt trapped and

 blamed her husband. At age 22, Helen was hopeless and came to the end of herself.

 It was then that her sister-in-law came to visit.  She shared the gospel with Helen

 telling her that Jesus loves her- through faith, not by works, and when she prayed

 the prayer of faith, Helen felt the love and peace of Jesus for her husband

and children.  She lost the "I don't care" and the "You can't hurt me" attitudes and

  she dared to love people.  Jesus set her free!  Nothing surprises Him.  He doesn't change.

Then on 4-29-2007, Helen was diagnosed with acute liver failure.  Within 1 month

she was on kidney dialysis, nothing to be done, and helpless. But against all odds,

God Almighty provided a liver transplant within days.  God is still in the miracle

business!  For 4 years Helen was able to enjoy her family and to profess that

"life is good".  However, feeling ill on 9-26-2011, she was again admitted

 to the hospital with acute liver failure, and placed at the top of the transplant list.

  She received another miracle transplant 3 days later, and has recently celebrated

 10 years as a transplant survivor, her 43rd anniversary, and is still proclaming

 that "life is good". Helen says "that God has a purpose in trials," and urges us:

  "Don't postpone your joy or be caught up in the details of life and miss joy".

  "Live each day to the fullest with a positive influence in life, and be all He wants

 you to be".  "Whatever the problem, Jesus helps us to overcome everyday."

 "He loves us and wants us in His family"!