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“Travel Dreams”  



It was a blustery April day at our Travel Dreams luncheon

and it seemed cozy to be dining inside the Harvest Room, and enjoying stories

of the travels of Aherne Del Pero, the music of soloist Tracy Leighton, and the

Nicaraguan adventures of our speaker Guadalupe Casillas.



Our Special Feature Aherne Del Pero from Destinations Travel has been a

travel agent since 1980.  Aherne remarked that now travel is complicated

because of the various offers from airlines, lodgings, timeshares, and 

credit card offers.  She explained that her job was to sort out the confusion,

and to personalize travel plans by asking customers where, how long, and

with whom we wish to travel.  Aherne also mentioned some ideal travel destinations

and even got the audience involved by sharing their favorite travel memories.  

By the end of her presentation, all were excited and encouraged to enjoy our own

new adventures!


In keeping with the travel theme, our guest musician Tracy Leighton and her 

accompanist  Debbie Miller, transported us with the song 

"I Left My Heart in San Francisco".  Then Tracy reminded us from God's word that

 "whom shall we fear, wait on the Lord, and to dwell in the house of the Lord.


Our speaker Guadalupe Casillas also impressed us when she shared about 

her early life in Nicaragua and her transition to life in the United States.

Because of growing up in Nicaragua, Guadalupe had a fear of death, a fear of

the dark, a fear of abduction, and a fear of earthquakes, which from age 6, drew her

 to find comfort and security in church.  However at 16, when the ongoing revolution 

resulted in a grenade exploding nearby, she knew it was time to find safety in the U.S. 

Guadalupe became married at age 18 and was expecting her second child by age 21,

but her husband had no interest in church, resulting in her having depression.

When Guadalupe attended a Bible study, she experienced God's love in a

personal way and her depression was gone.  Her husband even saw the changes

of peace and love in her life and eventually came to the Lord. 

Some time later while driving, Guadalupe experienced a life threatening spinout.

  She recognized God's saving goodness, and realized that there was no longer 

  fear of death, but peace, and even excitement to see the Lord Jesus Christ!