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Fabulous Fall!


Our November luncheon was every bit fabulous!  The chefs at the Harvest Room

 went out of their way to prepare all the fixings for a Thanksgiving feast!

  We learned about Fabulous Finds, a vintage home decor and gift shop

from special feature guests Stacy Federico and Donna Rolufs.

And fabulously completing our program were guest soloist 

Frank Moore and speaker Nancy Reader.



The very special guest musician Frank Moore treated us to his 

wonderful and upbeat rendition of "Candy Mountain".  Later his timely song

"A Prayer to God" offered heart warming thanksgiving to the Lord

for making loss easy to bear, and that burdens are gone since following

the light.  Truly when Frank finished, he had the audience saying "More"!


Owner Stacy Federico and Donna Rolufs from Fabulous Finds

shared that their store offers a wide variety of vintage art, jewelry,

birdhouses and special gifts.  They also demonstrated Old Town chalk Paint which is

used without sanding, priming, or stripping to bring new life to old outdated furniture.


Speaker Nancy Reader described beginning life with a 95% hearing loss.  

In school, she explained feeling stupid because of a learning problem

which we now know as dyslexia.  As an adult, her 7 year marriage ended in divorce;

and her new life style as a women's libber led her to pregnancy, abortion, and

depression.  Later, Nancy was repeatedly invited by a faithful friend to a luncheon

where she heard the truth about Jesus Christ.  She heard that God forgives and

remembers NO more.  Nancy no longer has guilt, even about the abortion, and

has found that Jesus is the Answer to her needs!