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Dazzling Designs



Fun and encouragement were the words of the day at our May "Dazzling Designs" luncheon.

 For fun we learned the intricacies and beauty of the hand-made beaded jewelry by Tina Crocker.

Once inspired by the gifted and talented music of Doni Jo Heinberger,

our speaker Robby Kautz encouraged us, as she explained how 

she dealt with fear and learned to "let go."



Representing GrnEyd Designs as our special feature, Tina Crocker is a very gifted 

and creative artist of hand-made custom jewelry for work, play, and special occasions.  

For fun, she enthusiastically demonstrated Kumihimo, the ancient art of Japanese braiding,

 and described some of the variety of patterns, beads, and colors available.

With a passion for colors to co-ordinate creative design,

 Tina wowed us by displaying a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, and ear rings

  to enhance the varied tastes and styles of all that attended our luncheon.

  Now her passion has become GrnEyd Designs, an internet business that all can enjoy!


Once again we were blessed by the superb voice of Doni Jo Heinberger as our

music guest.  She encouraged us by singing "You Will Never Walk Alone."

Later in the program her song "Give Me Jesus," an old time spiritual

provided hope to all.


Due to problems in the home, our speaker Robby Kautz was experiencing

fear and confusion at an early age, causing her to suppress her pain and emotions.

Trying to be perfect and invisible became a way of coping with the situation.

Robby came to understand later that her irrational fears and the need to be invisible

was a form of PTSD.  She learned that Jesus came not only to save,

but that He came to heal the broken hearted as well.  Robby has been on a journey

with our blessed Lord ever since. She shared some of the miraculous experiences

He has accomplished in rooting out her suppressed fears. 

Her heart is now being healed from the inside out; bonds are being broken. 

She is being made whole and she is now enjoying her life!