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Beautiful Valentine

Our "Beautiful Valentine" luncheon was as beautiful as can be!  Special Feature

Kathleen Watson-Pizano shared her Naturally Beautiful organic line of skin care products. 

Music Soloist Nola Grice presented joyful song, and Speaker Jo Ann Hoffman kept us

laughing as she shared her story that is more powerful than a rocket launch!


Kathleen Watson-Pizano of Naturally Beautiful has been in the skin care business

over 6 years.  Obsessed with skin care products at an early age, she studied to develop

 products that are natural.  Now her beauty line is listed in the top 1% of sellers on etsy!

She has over 80 products, including anti-aging renewing oils, botanicals,

  night creams, bath salts, body moisturers and more. And because

 Kathleen loves to give back, she gives a portion of her profits to abuse victims!



Guest Musician Nola Grice and her accompanist Lois Weatherington brought

back fun memories with her first song "If You Are Happy and You Know It".

Her second song also truly touched guests by singing "I Surrender", reminding us

to freely give, to love, to trust Him, to leave our burdens and be free.


Speaker Jo Ann Hoffman was thoroughly entertaining as she described her early

 "Leave it to Beaver" life style, and days in the aerospace industry.  However

a series of circumstances began to cause Jo Ann to seek answers to questions

about where she would spend eternity.  Answers beautifully came when she

went to a conference attended by astrophysicst Austin Boyd, who could answer

her scientific mind in a factual way.  Using a booklet called "A Bridge to Life",

he explained the canyon between God and man and that the bridge is Jesus

Jo Ann learned that faith goes where eyes can't see, that He dwells in you, and

that He never leaves you.  Faith is the vehicle that changes lives. 

That evening after praying to receive Jesus, Jo Ann personally heard Jesus

 and was healed from an irregular heartbeat, and of the fear of death.

  She is not lonely because her best friend is with her and she is never alone.

   Jo Ann encourages us to really see our beautiful earth and its goodness, and to thank God. 

Reminded of a childhood game called "connect the dots", she says that every day

is an opportunity to help others, to be a "black dot" in someone's life,

to show the face of Jesus and share it, because you don't know where they are.

    Knowing God is truly a bridge to life!