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   Healthy New Year!



We kicked off the new year in a healthy new way.


Nicole Santai of Beauty, Health, and Wellness Center truly is equipt for service.

Nicole's new shop offers full a service beauty salon, as well as products for

health and pain management, including natural botanicals, and essential oils.


We were treated to beautiful songs by singer and songwriter Laura Johnson.


Speaker Darlene Incando shared how she attended church alot as a child.

often feeling alone, with no friends, Darlene rejected church and went wild,

but she was miserable.  She married and divorced, eventually returning to her 

 family and remarried.  Upon seeking to be closer to God, Darlene learned the gospel,

that God is real, and that Jesus loves her without condemnation.  Jesus bridged

the gap.  There were not rules to follow, but a personal relationship with Him.

True faith that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  I can do all things through Christ 

Who gives me life.  Recently Darlene lost her husband but says that Jesus helps

with the grieving, and trusting God brings peace.  Jesus loves you.  His free gift

is yours now as a free choice.  He wants you to choose Him.