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Stepping into Spring

Our Stepping into Spring luncheon was a delightful day to kick off March!

We enjoyed a fashion show from Poppies Apparel and Accessories,

music by Wendy Cooper, and inspiration from our speaker Jo Ann Hoffman


Sarah Lucas from Poppies Apparel and Accessories displayed many fun fashions and

accessories, as some of our special luncheon guests were transformed into models.

Poppies is described as carrying clothing and jewerly items that are made in the USA,

as well as an assortment of name brands, purses, and accessories. 

They have the perfect outfit for all your needs!

Thanks to our lovely models:
Kim Silva, Donna Sharp, Kathleen Watson-Pizano, Llana Armitage, and Bettie Lou Yartz





Guest soloist, Wendy Cooper, once again performed her original music

from her heart.  Her first number "Bless the Lord" spoke to us of not being shaken.

Later, Wendy encouraged us to "Let My Soul Sing", to wait on the Lord

Who makes all things beautiful in your time.


Speaker Jo Ann Hoffman spent 21 years in the aerospace industry, married a

rocket scientist, and even signed her autograph on a space craft headed to an asteroid.

She had a positive childhood and, except for a prayer that caused a fear of death,

she had no need for God.  Being from a science background, Jo Ann needed data

and proof to believe.  That slowly changed as various circumstances began drawing

her to find God.  Jo Ann eventually met Austin Boyd, a rocket scientist and believer,

who was able to answer her questions.  She learned that faith goes where the heart

cannot see, and its because God dwells in your heart, that He can hear and answer

prayers.  By trusting God, the Cross bridges the canyon between death and life.

 Austin encouraged her to open the door and let Him in. 

Soon after inviting Jesus into her heart, Jo Ann heard the Lord's voice and received

     assurance from the fear of dying, and a complete sense of peace and happiness.

 Here are some of Jo Ann's wisdom lessons:

even if you mess up you are good enough for God,

He will never leave you,

you cannot be lonely because the creator of the universe lives in your heart, and,

nothing in the planets and universe is as amazing as this earth and its miracles! 

Jo Ann also reminds us that we are God's representatives and examples on earth,

 a "dot" to speak to people about Jesus.