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Fall Gardening

The September luncheon was friendly and fun! 

Chris Sperbeck from Sperbecks Nursery gave us a great jump start on fall decorating,

  and the very inspiring Laura Johnson was both our Music Guest and our Speaker.


Chris Sperbeck of Sperbecks Nursery has been a landscape designer for 33 years.

Today she demonstrated how to create a centerpiece for fall using a pumpkin,

simple fall flowers, fresh fruit and gourds, and natural twigs and leaves for textures.

She also shared ideas for a table runner, delicious fall recipes, and donated many

wonderful gifts.  Thank you!


Soloist Laura Johnson began her music presentation by singing

"When I Fall In Love" and later in the program, the beautiful song

"My Tribute" giving God thanks and glory for what He has done.


As speaker, Laura Johnson shared how her life began as a cowgirl - riding,

roping, and singing.  After college she married, had 2 children, and continued

singing part time.  However when they decided that they needed to take their

children to church, they heard the gospel and realized that they too needed a

relationship with Jesus.  Laura learned that she had been forgiven, and that

you can talk with Him and that He will listen.  You can pray with Him.

  You can feel His presence, forgiveness, acceptance, and love.

Now her music has a new purpose- as worship leader in churches, giving

back to Him.  She also gives praise to Jesus for saving her marriage and her

3 children.  Laura loves God and serving Him with her CD, uplifting others,

  and leading people into His presence, encouraging them to stay stedfast

 and to be strong in the Lord.