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Fall into Fashion

Our "Fall into Fashion" luncheon this month was so much fun!

We were dazzled by the latest fashions of Poppies by Patricia Phillips.

Guest soloist Diana Strong was upbeat and Speaker Helen Bozzo inspired

 all with hope.




Patricia Phillips and Sandra Brooks from Poppies, as always, did an

exceptional presentation of the latest fall fashions.  And hats off to the models

 Debbi Lambert, Kathy Morrison, Christine Oliver, Judi Hageman and Marla Denny

who all demonstrated true moxie as cancer survivors.  Thank you one and all!


Special Music Guest Diana Strong and her accompanist Jean Hemphill contributed to the

fashion atmosphere by singing "I feel Pretty" and later in the program, a reminder to

"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus".


Helen Bozzo our Speaker, described her journey when, at age 10, it became necessary

 for both of her parents to work, leaving her "Charles in Charge".  Loaded with

 responsibilities, she began to miss the love she needed, she also had low self worth,

 and even a fear of death.  Marrying at 17, Helen thought would be the answer but

 even after 2 children, peoples opinions and her sense of failure continued. At age 22

  a close relative told her about Jesus and His love for her which would never die,

  and that she was saved by faith- without works. After praying, Helen felt the love

  and peace of Jesus Who also gave her love for her husband and children.  Slowly

  attitudes of "I don't care" and "you can't hurt me" disappeared and she let down

  the wall and dared to love people. Jesus had set her free!

 In 2007 however, feeling suddenly ill, Helen was diagnosed with acute liver failure

 and given 2 weeks to live.  Helpless and not in charge, she was put on a transplant

 list knowing that- what is impossible with man is not impossible with God.  Eight days

 later and hours from death, she received a transplant. Recognizing that God is in charge,

 her life had new meaning.  Then, 4 years later, she again experienced acute liver failure.

   So critical, she was placed on Status #1 in 5 states, and 3 days later, close to death,

 she received a transplant, another miracle!

Helen shares that God has a purpose for our good and His glory.  Choose to make a

difference.  She also says life is short - pick the flowers!  Focus on the positive,

  not the negative.  Be a positive influence.  Let Him be in charge.  Jesus is a constant hope

 and joy.  He wants to help.  He loves you and wants to have you in His family.

  God stays the same - faithful!